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About Ron

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Developing the right perspective.    

Ron is a high-energy business leader, with a strong record of achievement in revenue growth, customer service through effective process improvement, and gains in profitability.    He has worked with a number of leadership teams in small, medium, private equity managed, and Fortune 500 companies to maximize results, deliver world class customer experience, and move individuals and teams to reach their highest potential.


He brings a wealth of experience and expertise in business leadership, stepping in, determining root cause to business problems, and taking ownership of roles in general management, company responsibility for sales and marketing, new product development and manufacturing, technology assessment to include development and deployment, finance, and operations. 

In 2019 Ron co-founded and built a successful e-commerce business developing all sales, marketing, operational, financial and technical elements of the business generating $750K in revenue per employee in its first 24-months. 

He created an end-to-end service model to deliver job-lot orders directly to the customer jobsite anywhere in the country in 5-7 business days from the date of order. 

With a relentless desire to learn, discover root causes to business problems, continuously improve and drive business results, Ron is an expert diagnostician.   As a hands-on doer, system thinker, and strength-based people leader he is motivated to find alternative ways to proceed and inspire others by the future of what could be. 

Contnuous Improvement 

Create alternate ways to proceed

Strengths to stimulate excellence

Commitment to stable values

Inspiration thru vision 

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