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Root Cause Discovery is the critical first step in the process of enhancing business performance.


The second step is putting action to recommendations and providing the expertise to deliver solutions

in a timely manner in the functional areas of your business. 

Flat Rate Discovery Investigation

The Root Cause Discovery Investigation is a comprehensive and targeted approach to identifying root causes to challenges within your organization.

For a flat fee, I will work with key members of your team to clearly identify the issues.  Typically, in a combination of remote and on-site investigation to complement your schedule. 


  • Prepaid flat fee

  • Efficient and cost effective

  • Full discovery report out

  • Solution recommendation options

  • Thorough objective analysis  


Let's Get Started !


The Root Cause Discovery Process


Phase 1:  Initial Discussion

Capture your current issues, understand your vision,

strategy and business goals. 

Phase 2:  Proposal 

Statement of work, key participants, confidentiality

agreement, objectives and schedules of project activities.

Phase 3:  ​Investigation 

Complete forensic analysis of all functional business areas

including 2-3 day on-site visit for assessment. 

Phase 4:  Deliverables

Present and discuss findings including executive summary, 

actionable recommendations by functional area, and solution 

providers that are experts in their discipline. 

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